Rolls and Lists

The Minister of Rolls and List's primary responsibility is to ensure timely and accurate entry of, and recording of member's earned points, ranks, titles and awards. This is handled through the use of the Imperial database and in coordination with Chapter Rolls Ministers.




Adria has a database which provides a mechanism to track each member's points. The Imperial Rolls are automated. The database is an electronic version of the paper rolls that every chapter is required to maintain. This allows the website to provide the rolls information that traditionally would have required the chapter rolls minister to compile. This database isn't meant to replace the local rolls minister, but enhance their ability to help track the steps to knighthood. Rolls records and other information recorded in the database is listed under your name, under your chapter, under the menu item Member Info.



Rolls Forms
Forms
Event Sign-in PDF Excel 97-2003 Excel
Archery Sign-in PDF Excel
Arts and Sciences Sign-in PDF Excel
Combat Sign-in PDF Excel
Ministry Sign-in PDF Excel
Collegiums PDF Excel
Demos, Feasts, and Faires PDF Excel
Archery War Sign-in Form PDF Excel
Arts War Sign-in Form PDF Excel
Combat War Sign-in Form PDF Excel
Ministry War Sign-in Form PDF Excel
Other Rolls Forms
Tourney Tree PDF only
Honors, Knighthood Report PDF Excel
Estates Checklist Report PDF Excel
Minister and Estate-Holders Participation Report PDF Excel
Event Summary PDF Excel
Approved Events Form PDF Excel

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